Journey to the River

Spiritual Insight & Practical Wisdom to Help You Endure Your Inner Healing Journey

Book Benefits

  • You will learn God’s heart for your wholeness
  • You will get insight to prepare for your inner healing Journey
  • You will be prepared for some of the hindrances that emerge along the way.
  • You will obtain wisdom to help you maintain during your process
  • You will grow in courage to begin or finish your healing journey.


Over the course of life, we all have experience pain that can range from trivial to traumatic. No matter the level, God’s heart is for us to be made whole. As we navigate the road to destiny, God calls us off-road to take a Journey to His healing waters. The Journey to wholeness is beautiful, but, not without hindrances and challenges. Through this book, you will be prepared, empowered and propelled to dive deeply into your healing process through spiritual insight and practical wisdom. God wants us to be WHOLE just as much as He wants us to be His!

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“There are some things in life that are invaluable. Peace of mind, heart, & spirit is one of them. Inner healing is a non-tangible asset. Journey to the River is a literary guide and road map to wholeness. We all have dealt with setbacks, losses, disappointments, and seasons of grief that have left us emotionally scarred and mentally discouraged. Author Cheray James has provided us a very relational read that serves as a resource for both those seeking inner healing and those ministering inner healing to others. She combines practical wisdom, Biblical insights, and personal experiences to create a very thorough yet applicable spiritual resource.

Reading Journey to the River will challenge you to be intentional about directly dealing with unresolved soul wounds and pain that may hinder you from experiencing the abundant life promised by Christ. The author does a great job unmasking behavioral patterns and external actions that are often counter-productive to one’s journey to the river of wholeness. Digesting this book will cause you not only to have no more excuses on why you are not being intentional to pursue your own liberty, but also provide you with a fresh paradigm that will enhance your faith for total freedom and traverse the layers of inner-healing. “

Author of “ Grab Hold of Your Miracle”, “Discerning of Spirits: 7 Dimensions of Revelation”, “How to Win in Life & Never Lose”


Apostle Demontae Edmonds

Freedom 4 the Nations

There’s a place where the balance between what is safe and what can easily begin to feel cataclysmically uncomfortable emerge. It is at this crossroads moment where many people succumb to the fear and discomfort of facing a thing. Subsequently, they walk away from the situation unfinished. It can commonly be easier to give in to the notion that it does not matter much, that one does not even care about the thing anymore, that we are “unbothered” by the pain that cripples our hearts and everyday lives. As patterned human behavior would have it however, we typically arrive right back at the same station, and repeated attempts to tuck a broken heart neatly away prove to be futile.

Journey to the River is a powerfully skilled and masterfully strategic literary passport that offers guidance to, and beyond the point of each crossroads moment that we as imperfect human beings all face.  This is a thought and heart provoking narrative that literally serves as a liaison, offering partnership, encouragement, biblically based and practical examples, solution focus, and life tools to show people a way to the place where healing begins and becomes the continuum.

I have served in the behavioral health field for roughly 15 years. God has allowed me to hear the stories, see the faces, and encounter the enormity of the darkness that ensues when people do not see a way out. I am encouraged and excited to endorse Journey to the River, which I will be using as a healing guide within the trauma therapy work that I do. The race is not won to the swift, but to the one who endures till the end. Thank you Cheray James! Through your obedience, you have rendered a body of necessary work to the world that will serve to break down many of the chains and strongholds that inhibit inner healing and emotional evolution.


A. K. Cole

Licensed Professional Counselor

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About the Author

Gripped by the Love of the Father, Cheray James is his creative, communicator, and scribe. She uses her pen to lead her generation to God ordained identity formation and emotional wholeness. Cheray fervently seeks to resource God’s people so that we all can become the whole expressions that he destined before the foundations of the world. 


This is one of the best “how to” books I’ve ever read! It offers so much light and hope to the hurting because of its practicality in approaching and addressing the issues that are associated with our pain. I’m convinced that those who read and apply ourselves to do the work—as in answering the questions following each chapter and truthfully—will experience a level of freedom that can not be attained [in other ways].  It’s like one long therapy session in a book! As I was reading it I was picturing myself in one of my sessions and you are the therapist! I can sense your heart’s desire for us to be healed and whole—the right way (through God’s power) and the practical way (through facing our issues head on)!

V. Johnson

I will say [this book] definitely took me on a journey of healing and self-awareness of the roots of my pain. I like how [the author] prefaced the book on what the person will get out of it, and piece by piece [she] took a layer back and off. It definitely leads you to a place of exposure. I felt myself looking at a river ready to jump in to get healed by the Father.

T. Williams

This book is compelling and its a must read! For anyone who’s tried therapy or do-it-yourself healing plans with no success, this book gives you practical day-to-day steps to see you through. Through this writer, God provides instructions to heal your soul. He is the only doctor for the soul.

S. Lucas

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Journey to the River


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